We offer you a wide range of services - with the aim of achieving and securing the optimum operation of your plants together.

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SGT5-4000F (V94.3A) // SGT5-1000F (V64.3A) // SGT5-2000E (V94.2) // SGT6-4000F (V84.3A) // SGT5-3000E (V94.2A) // SGT5-8000H // SGT6-8000H


1. On-site tuning

  • Planning in close consultation with the customer
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Performance of combustion tests
  • Optimisation of operation and combustion
  • Documentation

Added value for the customer:

  • Optimised gas turbine operation in compliance with all applicable requirements
  • Prognoses and recommendations for changing boundary conditions on the basis of the knowledge gained